Club Volunteering

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Manage NVDTC website now powered by WordPress/Elementor as follows:

  1. Maintain the NVDTC website by updating information related to classes and registration.
  2. Edit individual pages as needed to keep current with club information and norms.
  3. Upload current documents such as newsletters, bylaws, guidelines and procedures, etc.
  4. Maintain/manage directory of administrative documents.
  5. FTP, HTML and WordPress/Elementor knowledge helpful. 
  6. Keep web hosting and domain registrations (,,, and current/paid up for NVDTC.
  7. Set up custom emails through web host company as needed.
  1. Maintain separate databases of first name, last name, and email for members, instructors, assistants, and past/current students who are not current members. Include additional categories like phone numbers as needed.
  2. Update the member database from membership lists provided by the person in charge of membership.
  3. Update student database at end of each session from class evaluation forms (when available) and from Training Class Applications.
  4. Send out announcements via emails (from appropriate database list) as requested by parties listed below. 
      • President
      • Newsletter
      • Board
      • Training Chair
      • Membership Chair
      • Or any other party needing to send out announcements