Frequently Asked Questions


How many shots must my puppy have before I can bring it to the club? 

Puppies must have had at least 2 shots 3 weeks apart before coming to the club and must be presented and verified before being allowed in class. Please follow your veterinarian’s recommendations.

How long do classes last?

Unless noted otherwise, classes are 45 to 50 minutes long and most sessions run for six weeks. To view class schedules, click on blue buttons below.

How much do classes cost? 

Unless noted otherwise, six weeks of 45 to 50-minute standard classes are $150.00. Club members can earn vouchers by attending meetings and working at club events to reduce the cost of training. Club members can also receive a $10 discount on each class they take. More information is available by clicking on green button below. If you have further questions, please contact the club by emailing or calling 707-253-8666. To learn how to become a member, visit our membership page.

How old must my puppy be to enroll in classes? 

Puppies must be at least 12 weeks old and have had at least 2 shots 3 weeks apart (discuss this with your vet) to start puppy class. The maximum age for puppies to enroll in our puppy class is 5.5 months. (Small breed dogs MAY enroll up to 9 months. Email or call 707-253-8666 for details.)

What are the membership dues?

40The annual club dues are $40.00 and are for a family. To join, attend one of our general meetings. Visit our membership page for more information about being a member.

*Currently our Specialty classes are freestyle classes taught by Judy Gamet from Dogs Can Dance®