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How to get started.
Members' NVDTC Building Use Program

Any NVDTC club member can schedule a time to practice when clubhouse is not in use.

Fee Schedule based on 1 hour:
$10 for 1 member
$10 for 2 members
$15 for 3 members;
$20 for 4 members
$25 for 5 members.
Vouchers can be used.

One member can invite up to 4 other members to join in for practice for a total of 5 or $25.

This program is for "club members" only. There will be no private or group lessons for remuneration.

Do not use A-frame or Teeter for practice.

Building to be left in clean condition ready for next user.

To find available open times, Return to the Calendar Page to view calendar with scheudled activities. This calendar indicates when the building is being used for classes, events, and other uses.. For example, check Friday morning to see Cleaning Crew is scheduled for 9:30 AM to 12:30 pm. Dobule clicking any date opens up that day displaying each hour and shows how long each activity lasts.

From here, you can scroll around noting the current scheduled classes, meetings, events, etc. The building is available for use at all other times.

Members to give ample cancellation notice if unable to keep reservation.

Finally, contact Sue Osborn at to make arrangements.

PLEASE NOTE: Request to use building needs to be made far enough in advance to receive a response. If you do not receive confirmation you are booked, you do not have a reservation in place.



























Photos from Chris Mayer of the NVDTC team that participated in the AIDS Walk on Oct 27 in Napa.

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CGC Exam at Sir Francis Drake Kennel Club's Trial, September 15, 2012

A Canine Good Citizen (CGC) exam was run by the Napa Valley Dog Training Club during the Sir Francis Drake Kennel Club's trial at the Solano Fairgrounds.

Mary Ash and Cola were one of the "friendly dog" teams, along with Karen Jackson and Maddi, while Cristina Martin was our Admin Lady, and Diana Martin, Karen and Lori Jackson provided our crowd. Examiners on hand were Steve Ward and myself, Jim Spiva, who examined 20 very nice dogs, of whom 15 passed with flying colors.

The weather was perfect, the dogs were really great, the support from Sir Francis Drake's crew was outstanding.....and we all had a great day.

From NVDTC, Nick Mattera and his Rhodesian Ridgeback, Bikari passed, as did Teresa Russell and her Yellow Lab Perry.

Net income to NVDTC for the two days work was $305. A big thank you to all who helped.

Jim Spiva

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Photos below are from the CGC exam event—courtesy of Jim Spiva:

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