Napa Valley Dog Training Club


Welcome to our Class Orientation Video (& Written Materials) Page!

All videos were created by NVDTC members to provide important and useful information for you and your dog and to start you both out on the right foot.

NOTE: AlL students enrolled in NVDTC’s  PUPPY, ADOLESCENT, and/or GOOD MANNERS 1 classes and students new to NVDTC or students with new dogs are required to view all 3 of NVDTC’S Class Orientation Videos BEFORE ATTENDING THEIR FIRST CLASS. Click on images shown at right or below (depending on your device) and to read the written materials as shown at links below.


WRITTEN MATERIALS: Links to written materials below go hand in hand with orientation videos:

  1. Club Rules, Guidelines, Training Equipment and More
  2. What You’ll Need for Training Class
  3. Getting Started at Home

Viewing the videos and reading the written materials will be a huge plus for you and your dog when you arrive for your first class! 


NVDTC Class Orientation Video Part 1 of 3:
NVDTC Class Orientation Video Part 2 of 3:
NVDTC Class Orientation Video Part 3 of 3: