About Us

Napa Valley Dog Training Club, Inc. is a Non-Profit Corporation Licensed by The American Kennel Club.


Our club was organized in 1970 with two goals:


  • First, to promote responsible pet ownership by offering classes to the community in dog obedience and handIing.
  • Second, to provide advanced training to those individuals interested in showing their dogs or competing in trials and earning titles.

Our experienced trainers will help you reach your training goal.


Our office is staffed by volunteers.


Please leave a message at (707) 253-8666 with an evening phone number and tell us about your dog and what level of training you are seeking.


Visitors are welcome. Please contact us to arrange a time to visit.


Questions: info@nvdtc.org | (707) 253-8666


Napa Valley Dog Training Club (NVDTC) is a non-profit organization and is run by volunteers. NVDTC does not maintain regular business hours and is mostly open only during class time.

Dogs and their owners have a lot of fun in our classes!

Our Mission

To promote responsible pet ownership by offering classes for the community in dog obedience and handling; to educate our members about responsible ownership of dogs; to advocate for the protection and well-being of all dogs; and to adhere to the guidelines of the American Kennel Club in our activities.