Registering for Classes

Registration for NVDTC classes is ONLY accepted between a session’s registration opening date and closing date. Except for specialty** and continuing classes, class registration is by phone ONLY: (707) 253-8666. Visit our 2023 Session Schedule for opening and closing registration dates for each of our 2023 sessions.


Registration for Session 5 classes CLOSES July 10th.

Times/days for all Session 5 Classes

 IMPORTANTBefore filling out and providing payment and forms required for admittance to a class that is not a specialty or continuing class, you must be signed up by phone and by personally speaking to a member of our office staff by calling (707) 253-8666 OTHERWISE YOU ARE NOT IN THE CLASS!

*Forms include a training application and a questionnaire and can be mailed to 68 Coombs Street #7, Napa CA 94559 with check made out to NVDTC. If you are taking a puppy, adolescent, or a good manners 1 class, include a copy of your dog’s shot records from your vet with your paperwork. To guarantee your spot, all your paperwork & payment must be received by deadline as indicated on our session schedule.  For Session 5 in 2023, that deadline is July 17th, 2023.

For extra assurance that your payment/paperwork is received by our office in time, place into an envelope with your name & class and drop into NVDTC’s drop box located next to club entrance.

IMPORTANT: Before filling out and sending in forms required for admittance to class, you must be signed up for classes with our office by calling (707) 253-8666.

NOTE: if you are taking a Puppy, Adolescent Class, Good Manners 1 class or if your dog has not previously taken classes at NVDTC, BEFORE ATTENDING YOUR FIRST CLASS, you are required to view all 3 of our Class Orientation Videos and to read associated written materials by going to the following link:



Once we receive all required paperwork and payment, you will receive a phone call or email confirming your registration.

*Registration forms are also available at the clubhouse.

**Specialty classes include Freestyle classes from Dogs Can Dance® taught by Judy Gamet. To register for freestyle classes, visit / (707) 253-8666