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Download Year End Award Application for 2023


The Napa Valley Dog Training Club gives annual awards to recognize, support and encourage the competition activity of members.


Each year, active club members can apply for recognition by completing and submitting an award application form. 


For the year you are being recognized, the minimum requirements for active member award qualification are as follows: 

  1. Must have attended a minimum of three (3) Club General Meetings
  2. Must be a current member in Good Standing with the Napa Valley Dog Training Club (NVDTC) and American Kennel Club (AKC), and
  3. As of 11/28/23, participating in at least one NVDTC sponsored activity** for a minimum of four (4) hours is not required for 2023.

**NVDTC sponsored activities include:

  1. Helping as a club officer, board member and/or committee chair
  2. Helping at Club Trials, Fun Days &/or Show & Go’s
  3. Helping at AOCNC events while representing the NVDTC
  4. Helping at Canine Good Citizen (CGC) off-site evaluation events
  5. Helping with Club Workshops &/or Seminars
  6. Helping with Publicity and/or Community Outreach (examples: Booth at Walk for Animals; speaking to other organizations about the NVDTC, etc.)
  7. Helping at an Open House event.



Download Service Award Nomination Form for 2023


Thanks to the hard work of devoted members NVDTC has remained strong since 1970. In 2001 the NVDTC Service Award was created to recognize those who have made significant contributions. This award is presented at the annual Membership Dinner.

Any member is welcome to make a nomination, and a member may nominate multiple people each year. Nominations must be given in writing and must include the contributions made by the nominee.



Nominee must be a current club member and in good standing, must follow and uphold NVDTC’s bylaws and rules, has contributed to the overall well being and growth of the club, and represents the club in a professional, positive way.


The selection committee is made up of the award recipients from the previous five years, with the most recent recipient chairing the committee. If a prior recipient is not a current club member in good standing then the honor will revert back until there is at least five club members on the committee  Selection committee members are ineligible for the Club Service Award.


Past Service Award Recipients:


2001: Gerry Glantz
2002: Joy Wood
2003: Sandy Bonifield
2004: Mary Ash, Linda Luchsinger, Marilane Bergfelt
2005: Bobbie Honsvick
2006: Anita Boyce
2007: Mary Joy Davis, Teresa Russell
2008: Sue Osborn
2009: Lynda Rhyno
2010: Laura Ecklin, Marlene Soldavini
2011: Lori Jackson
2012: Karen Jackson
2013: Jim Spiva
2014: Deassa Binstock
2015: Linda Wargo
2016: Donna Golemon
2017: Sandy Bonifield and Vange Leonis
2018: Stefanie Meinhardt
2019: Marilane Bergfelt
2020: Debbie Hilton
2021: Sue Osborn

2022: Lea Ronald